New LAX Delta Sky Club Lounge at Terminal 3

A few months ago in May, around 21 airlines changed terminals at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Talk about a move. Delta was one of the airlines that switched terminals, and we got to check out the new lounge in Terminal 3.

Los Angeles Delta Sky Club Entrance

The entrance was kind of tucked around a corner, where you could easily pass without noticing it.  I am terrible with directions, but what I can tell you is it is (kind of) across from the new Shake and Shack that opened in Terminal 3.  

This is a smaller lounge, but they do have window seating with a view of the airplanes and runway.

Small bar area
Near the entrance they have CLEAR machines, in case you want to sign up there.

CLEAR machines

As you walk in, there is a refrigerated section with complimentary and individually packed vegetable sticks, eggs, fruits, yogurts, and other dishes like couscous. I liked the idea of the individually packaged items as it makes them easier to carry. It's almost like you're at a mini grocery store.

What to eat, what to eat...

They also have cereal, oatmeal and a variety of pastries for breakfast (although I'd recommend you pass on the won't be missing out on much, trust me). 

Pass on the pastries

The Delta lounge also has toast and bagels for breakfast, but no toaster.  I don't know if this is a "regulation" issue, or a permanent condition, but the lack of a toaster left the bagels cold and unappetizing.

Coffee and tea selection
In sum, the Delta Sky Club Lounge in Terminal 3 is definitely not as fancy/sleek as the one in Seattle.  However, if you are in Terminal 3, might as well stop by and grab a cup of coffee before you head out for the rest of your journey.

Getting ready for the next adventure!

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