Review of The W Hotel in Sentosa Cove Singapore

Despite the odd midnight incident (more on that below), the W Sentosa in Singapore was the nicest hotel I have stayed at in the W hotel chain.  Situated on Sentosa Cove, it was the ultimate getaway villa.

 1. Marvelous Suite at the W 

Spacious Living Room With a View of Sentosa Cove

The Marvelous Suite was nothing short of marvelous. Chic and beautifully decorated, the 904 square feet suite contained a large living room, two restrooms, separate bedroom, bathtub with a large shower, and spacious patio.  One of my favorite features of the room was the large panel windows that spanned from the living room, to the bedroom and master bathroom.  The window at the bedroom came with sliding doors that led to an outdoor patio that overlooked the yachts.

The room also came with a free Handy cell phone.  One of the biggest hassles with traveling abroad, is having to deal with data/roaming charge issues.  The phone came with free domestic phone calls in Singapore, along with free data for web browsing.  This was really helpful as we navigated our way through the city!  Based on the W site, the Handy cell phone is offered in every type of room, and not just suites.

Bedroom - Love The Lights!
Egg shell shaped chair outside of the bathroom

.    2. Lobby and Amenities

At the entrance, you are greeted by W staff and a red carpet staircase that leads you to the main lobby.  On the left hand side is a clear elevator that also leads to the second floor. The decor is modern, trendy, and beautiful.  While a lot of W hotels opt for a darker interior (like a club), the W in Singapore features large panel windows, the result of which is a bright lobby during the daytime.  

Elevator on First Floor
Viewing the First Floor Lobby from the Top
Second Floor Couches by the Lobby
Woo Bar
Outdoor seats
The hotel features a large outdoor pool, with a bar you can swim (or walk) to.  There are also several hammocks surrounding the pool, along with lounge chairs.  The pool has jets at certain entrance points, which you can turn on just like a jacuzzi.  The hotel also comes with a decent sized gym (I dragged myself there), and a spa which I did not have the opportunity to check out.

The W Pool

3. The Kitchen at The W

     My husband and I had the breakfast buffet at the Kitchen for four days straight, as it came with our room package.  To me, one of the telling signs of whether a hotel is a hit or miss, is the food. The Kitchen's breakfast buffet did not disappoint, as it came with some of the usuals such as omelettes and pancakes, as well as local delicacies like the Laksa noodle soup.  I regret to say that I only tried the Laksa noodle on my last day at the W and it was sooo good!  
    The service at the Kitchen (and the W Singapore as a whole) was excellent.  By our second day at breakfast, the staff already remembered our assigned table and room number.  

First in line for breakfast :D
Happy Pancakes

       4. Midnight Intrusion

     My experience at the W Sentosa was almost perfect, with the exception of a rather odd midnight intrusion.  My husband and I were sound asleep after traveling for almost 30 hours, when suddenly we were woken up by the sound of someone in the living room.  The bedroom door was closed, so my husband got up and opened the door, and saw the silhouette of a woman with the W uniform standing in our living room.  At the sight of my husband, the woman seemed surprised, and quickly exited our suite.  It’s odd having a stranger in your living room, let alone at 1:00AM in the morning.

We immediately called the front desk, and notified them of the incident.  After following up with the front desk manager that morning, and a few more inquiries on our end, we received a visit from the dining manager.  Turns out another room ordered in-room dining, and there was a mix-up with the room numbers.    

The dining manager expressed his sincere apologies, and offered a prime example of how excellent service makes up for mishaps.  He offered us wine, complimentary dinner, but as we were heading out for the day, we requested a sandwich to take with us to the zoo.  About 30 minutes later, the dining manager came back with two bags of salads, sandwiches, french fries, bottled water, various Singaporean snacks, and a W shopping bag.  Needless to say, this was more than we had expected, and the food lasted us the whole day!

5. Overall Rating

On a scale of 5, I would give this hotel 4.5 stars.  The 0.5 deduction is due to the midnight incident, otherwise I would rate my experience as a 5 star stay, with this hotel being the best W hotel I have stayed at.

To check out more footage of the W in Singapore, check out our video below (second half of the video)!

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